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Urban farmhouse: 5 main features to achieve this style in your home

Urban farmhouse is a decorating style that brings the farmhouse to the city. It is a cozy, casual hybrid that combines traditional and contemporary styles with a neutral color palette and a mix of metals and natural elements.

This style is inspired by a classic vernacular style. Designers take elements from original period architecture, mix them up, give them a twist and turn them into something new and surprising.

You can bring character to a new or renovated home by incorporating period details from this popular style such as the following:


Its primary function is to provide shelter for people entering the house when it rains or simply when they need a place to enjoy the outdoors from the front of the property.

The urban farmhouse aesthetic takes the front porch and does what it wants with it. Whether it encompasses the entire front facade, wraps around it, or is small and enclosed on three sides like this one, a front porch is a welcoming farmhouse touch. Depending on the house’s orientation, it is also a cooling element, as the overhangs keep out direct sunlight.

urban farmhouse front porch


A metal roof has the original farmhouse style and remains one of the most durable roofing materials money can buy. It’s simple and streamlined, perfect for an urban farmhouse look. In addition to being a distinctive farmhouse feature, metal roofs have several advantages to consider:

  • they last longer than roofs made of traditional materials,
  • are more resistant to wind, impact, and other weather factors,
  • they require less maintenance,
  • and are environmentally friendly, as they contain recycled material and are recyclable.
urban farmhouse rear


This popular trend shows no signs of slowing down. The X-shaped detail on this sliding barn door adds an extra farmhouse touch.

Plus, barn doors are a great replacement for areas without enough room for a swing door or to make a stylish update to a pantry, office or bathroom.

urban farmhouse bedroom with barn door


The lumber industry was very different in Pa Ingalls’ day. Floorboards were nice and wide and often made of pine. You can still get them for your urban farmhouse: many companies around the country salvage these boards from old buildings slated for demolition and then sell them.

urban farm house wide plank flooring

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. We are here to bring your projects to life.

So, if you want to give your home an urban farmhouse or modern farmhouse style, keep in mind the characteristic elements we mentioned above. Follow our tips and you will not fail to get the house of your dreams.

In our Houzz profile, you will find several farmhouse-style projects in which we have worked, the truth is that it is one of our favorite styles!