House Renderings: TOP 3 of the most popular styles

House Renderings: TOP 3 of the most popular styles
Hello render lovers! how nice to meet again! Today we are going to get a little bit into the world of architecture and design, of which we are also fans, and we are going to tell you about the main styles of house renderings we work with most often and their most distinctive characteristics.

If you are just getting to know us, let us tell you that AVS has been working in the digital illustrations and 3D animations industry for more than 10 years. We work for architects, designers, home builders, and real estate agencies throughout the United States.

Therefore, based on our experience, we are going to tell you about the styles of houses that our clients request the most when making house renderings.

This is our TOP 3:


We will tell you about some architectural characteristics and key features of each of these styles. Something that they all have in common is that as time goes by, everything advances and transforms, and they also do so, they are mutating, adapting their characteristics to new contexts and realities, but always preserving their essence.

Spanish Style 

This is a very popular style, we love working with them because it is such a great mix of materials and contrasts.

Its trademark is the white stucco walls and barrel-tile roof. They generally have a rustic appearance, with wooden doors sometimes arched, which create a beautiful contrast with the light colors of the walls.

The wood not only plays its role in the doors and windows, but also plays a very charming role in the interior, reflected in exposed wooden beams, often serving as structural support along the ceilings, which give a warmth that invites to enjoy each of those spaces.

As for the windows, long ago these houses were built with few and very small windows, enough to allow a little light and air flow into the home. Of course, today it is difficult to meet a client with that requirement, since for some time now almost all of us love that as much natural light enters our house as possible (that’s why glass windows and glass walls are so popular nowadays).

Another picturesque feature is the arched openings that we can find both inside and outside the houses of this style, a romantic touch without a doubt!

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Modern Style

If you like simple, wide and bright spaces, you should definitely think about this style for your home.

Modern style has three main components, which combine and complement each other in a wonderful way: steel, concrete and glass.

We dare to say that glass is the star of this style. Very large windows, skylight and walls of this material, which generate a great feeling of freshness, spaciousness and light.

Light colors are also widely used, which help to generate a feeling of amplitude in the rooms.

Open floor plans, integration of interior and exterior space, and eco-friendly features are other trademarks of this style.

Farmhouse Style

The truth is that this style is one of our favorites. As their name suggests, they evoke the atmosphere of farmhouses and country houses, with delicate chic touches that are now easily achievable.

In this case the main character is wood! on walls, floors and ceilings, for example exposed beams. Wood, wood and more wood!

Its environments are very spacious, warm and bright. Neutral colors, such as white and beige, are the ones that predominate inside, always having another color that generates contrast, we generally prefer blue!

You can surely recognize this style of houses by its wide covered porches at its entrance, ideal to enjoy good times.

The key to its decoration is simple, recycled or recovered furniture. It is also important to add vintage details that complement.

When it comes to house renderings, we can see that currently there is a cutting edge element of this style of houses that is used in many types of constructions; sliding barn doors or windows. A detail that gives great personality and character to any room where you choose to place it.

This is our TOP 3 of the most popular styles in House Renderings! we will tell you further on about other styles that are also in high demand by customers, such as Craftsman for example, and of course Costum homes.

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