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Open Floor Plans: 5 most common mistakes and how to avoid them

Whether you’re building, remodeling, downsizing, or daydreaming, chances are an open floor plans layout is high on your wish list.

Open floor plan kitchen, living and dining areas feel relaxed and contemporary, and they make smart use of space and light. But with no defined borders and an unobstructed view through the space, open-plan rooms can be surprisingly tricky to decorate. 

Having a 3D Rendering Service in these situations will be of great help. You will be able to visualize how that important space in your home will be after the transformation.

Learn about the most common mistakes people make when going open floor plans and also how you can avoid them!


Avoid your open floor plan space feeling like a giant hall by including essential anchor points that ground the individual areas within an open-plan space.

To be functional and visually appealing, an open-plan space needs to be zoned into separate spaces — for example, cooking, dining, and relaxing areas. These zones essentially act as individual “rooms” within an open-plan space.

This visual effect is actually not that hard to achieve. Sometimes it takes only moving the sofa across the room to split it in half. Adding a rug under the sofa and a floor lamp or table tamps beside the sofa also works if you are looking to give more definition to the living zone.

Open floor plans 3d renderings


Choose a style you love and that will work throughout your open-plan space. Select furniture and accessories that vary in color and material yet still speak to one another visually (such as different shades of the same color), otherwise mismatched furniture and decor items can easily overcomplicate an open-plan space and make it look busy.

Through a 3D Render, you will be able to see how all the elements that will give life to this new and great space will complement each other, reducing the chances of making any major mistakes.


Lighting plays a hugely important part in setting the mood in a room, yet it’s often not considered early enough in the design process. That is why we highly recommend planning lighting and electrical elements at the start of the design project.

Think carefully about furniture placement and make sure lighting is positioned where it needs to be.

Open floor plans 3d renderings

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. We are here to bring your projects to life.


Before you purchase furniture, see how it will look on an open floor plan, and make sure it gives you enough space to move around.

Furniture that’s too big for an open-plan space can inhibit the sense of flow and make the area difficult to walk through.

Sometimes the best solution is to have pieces custom-made by a designer to suit the dimensions of your space.

Think carefully about furniture placement and make sure lighting is positioned where it needs to be.


The most common mistake, in this case, is the wrong placement of furniture. The question comes down to the principles of decoration, it is not the same to decorate an open space as closed rooms.

Usually, the main piece of furniture in an open living space is the sofa, so consider where to place it.

Try to locate it in a place where there is no wall behind it, such as the center of the room.

Here 3D Rendering plays a fundamental role, as it will allow you to put everything in its place with accuracy.

Open floor plans 3d renderings

We love open floor plans, and we are positive that by taking into account the previous recommendations and having a solid team of professionals to guide you, including an excellent3D Rendering Service like ours, the results will be wonderful!

Are you up for this kind of change? Go for it then!

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