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3D Rendering and Photography: perfect combination for hyper-realistic results

aerial 3d rendering, aerial view of buildings, avenue and aerial view of a city

We often hear discussions about the rivalry between 3D rendering and photography, when in fact we should focus on the excellent results that can be obtained by combining both.

In our experience and based on our daily work, we can assure you that the result achieved by combining 3D rendering with photography exceeds the scope of each resource separately.

That is why we are not in favor of choosing one over the other, knowing that each one has its particularities, its specific functionalities, and besides, they are both wonderful!

aerial rendering with view of tenis court, lake and swimming pools
Main benefits

Many times when making a 3D rendering we use photography as a reference that can help us to improve many aspects in the final result of our work that sometimes are not so noticeable.

One of the main benefits of this technique is that it helps us to develop an analysis and criteria of details such as image quality, image size, and lighting temperatures: sunrise, noon, and golden hour, which are the most used when making a render.

This also allows us to understand how light influences textures, furniture, and decoration. This lets us detect faults in time and correct them before we start working on the project, which will save us a lot of money.

Another advantage to taking into account when working with 3D rendering and photography is when we use the second one as a reference to create the first one.

In this way, we make another type of analysis, such as the size of the textures, the direction of the betas in a piece of furniture, and the dimensions of these textures applied on floors, walls, and other architectural elements. 

aerial 3d rendering, aerial view of buildings, avenue and trees. aerial view of a city

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Taking it to the next step: the magic of drones

With aerial photographs taken with drones and 3D renderings, it is possible to represent, through a high-resolution digital image, the final result of large-scale real estate developments, for example. 

This resource is used for the representation of all types of architectural projects and real estate developments: hotels, stores, homes, neighborhoods, and almost any other architectural development that can be imagined.

Here the production work is very arduous but the results are truly marvelous.

The mix of 3D rendering and photography is a winning combination because it allows the representation of any 3D model integrated with an aerial photograph achieving spectacular results of great realism, very useful for the representation of all kinds of projects.

In short, the combination of 3D rendering and photography has many benefits and is useful not only for marketing purposes but also to reduce costs, speed up the process and achieve high quality and extremely professional work results.

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