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3 decorating mistakes that can be avoided by using 3D Renderings

One of the main reasons why many people don’t dare to undertake a decorating project is because they fear making a costly mistake.
Gain confidence to carry out your interior design projects with the benefits of using 3D Renderings.

Let’s review here what are the main decorating mistakes that can be avoided by working together with a 3D Rendering Company.

3d interior rendering, living room white furniture set and black and white area rug

1. Choosing the paint scheme first

Although painting is, in many ways, one of the most important parts of design and decorating projects, that doesn’t mean it should necessarily be the first thing you choose.
Once you’ve selected a few fundamental elements like rugs, throw pillows, curtains, and upholstery, it’s relatively easy to choose a coordinating color of a fan cover or paint set. Finding fabrics that you really like after committing to a paint scheme is much more difficult.

3d interior rendering, master bedroom, king size bed, area rug, side table ans tv wall

2. Forgetting to measure furniture before you buy it.

It’s hard to judge the scale of furniture when it’s sitting on the floor of a large showroom. That’s why sometimes homeowners are surprised to find that the nice sofa or coffee table they saw in the showroom looks like it eats up the entire room when it’s in the living room.
If you know what measurements you’re buying, you can let the cold numbers guide you when your eyes play tricks on you.

interior rendering. green couch, wood floor, white desk and gray chair

3. About bold choices…

Being afraid to ever make a bold choice can result in a space that is dull or underwhelming.
Take a risk once in a while. Rest assured that if you choose a drastic wall treatment, you can always pair it with light, fresh pieces (like white wall art or neutral-colored furniture) to soften the look until it feels livable. And if you eventually get tired of it, you can change it someday.
The opposite mistake to the above is to expect every piece you invest in to be a dazzling element. Even in very dramatic spaces, some elements should be simple basics that take a back seat to focal points.
If you have a bold piece of art, gorgeous curtains, or vibrant fabrics, let other pieces (like sofa coverings or a large rug) be wonderfully simple.

3d interior rendering, living room and kitchen, white furniture set and black and white area rug

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