5 common mistakes made when not using 3D home renderings

5 common mistakes made when not using 3D home renderings
Home renderings are of great help to avoid common mistakes that are usually generated in the construction, remodeling and decoration processes. We invite you to know why we recommend that whenever it is within your reach, you have this service!

Why do we insist on the benefits of 3D home renderings? Because we know that working with them is not the same as with floor plans for example.

When it comes to embarking on large projects, having the realistic details that a render gives us, has no comparison.

That is why we advise you to consult your architect if he or she  works with them, as they will be of great help to avoid the 5 common mistakes made when not using 3d home renderings.

Mistake # 1: Choosing the wrong color scheme

How to know which are the colors that would fit perfectly in my home? Through 3D rendering you can visualize the number of varieties of color palettes that you can Think of, combine them, modify them and much more.

Imagine that you decide on a certain color palette, buy the paint pots and start painting, but you realize that you don’t like it! not what you expected! the door or trim color don’t match with the body of the house… all this is avoidable with something as wonderful as 3D home renderings.

Mistake # 2: Choosing wrong materials

How do I know what material to use in each area of ​​my home? Of course, the professionals who will accompany us in this process will be able to advise us in a very accurate way about what is convenient for us or not, or about what is the best decision to make according to my budget or my time.

But imagine you wanted to change your entry porch from wood decking to stone. What a mess, a waste of money and time. Well, don’t worry, 3D rendering has come to avoid these bad decisions!

Mistake # 3: Poor lighting

We always emphasize the importance of lighting in every corner of our home. The type of artificial light that we choose, where we place it and the natural light entrances we think we will create, will give personality, mood, to our home.

Ensuring there’s ample lighting around our home will make it feel inviting and comforting. Considering skylights can also make our home look and feel futuristic!

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. We are here to bring your projects to life.

Mistake # 4: Wrong use of space

If you think about your house now, do you like the layout of the rooms? Do they flow?

For example, most people like to keep bedrooms away from living rooms to reduce the amount of noise heard.

For the kitchen, it doesn’t make sense to have groceries carried from outside of the garage to the opposite side of the house. Make sure the placements of rooms flow.

Mistake # 5: waste time and money

Being able to carry out a project with the use of 3D rendering gives us the opportunity to give our opinion about the final result of what we want to do, about what we like or dislike, materials, or decoration accessories. 

It allows us to make modifications in our project before it is finished. Trying to interpret 2D or 3D floor plans is not the same as 3D home renderings. You don’t need technical skills to do it.

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