3D Architectural Exterior Rendering: how to set the perfect mood

3D Architectural Exterior Rendering: how to set the perfect mood
What is 3D Architectural Exterior Rendering? We refer to a type of render that is based mainly on showing the facade of a house, buildings, housing, hotels and any property that the client requests.

This of course implies showing which materials will be used, the colors, the lighting and everything that the facade involves.

But it not only focuses on that, but also comprehends all the details that are included in the environment in which the centerpiece is displayed: streets, vegetation, buildings or adjacent elements, even cars and people.

There are several elements that will be essential when it comes to generating the perfect mood for your render. This will also depend on what the specific request is and also what are the elements of the render that we want to highlight.

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Light and shadows

This is what gives your render the finishing touch and what makes it “real”. Regardless of how amazing your renders are, having the sun in a position that doesn’t fit the entire design will nullify your effort, hence its importance.

But not only is it enough to place the sun in its correct place, but also you need to align everything in accordance to the sun’s light and the shadows created by them.


Is a factor that generates the mood of the 3D Architectural Exterior Rendering. For this reason, many times we believe that a perfect render is the one presented on a beautiful summer day, with a clear sky and a perfect sun lighting at the perfect time. We are not saying that this is not real, only that many times, a storm or post-storm mood helps to generate an excellent sense of comfort and coziness of the building interior.

Our advice: keep it simple, keep it real.


It is recommended to add vegetation elements, both 3D and 2D, to the foreground of your exterior renderings and also to the background. Trying to create the perfect 3D trees can be a bit tricky compared to 2D trees.

Perfect layering is added if you keep the colors and patterns different for the vegetation for the 3D architectural exterior rendering.

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