The three “more” of having an open concept kitchen

The three “more” of having an open concept kitchen
Thinking of renovating that special space in your home? If you have the idea of ​​an open concept kitchen in your head but still can’t bring yourself to do it, we leave you 3 main advantages that will help you make the decision!

At AVS we love to see how spaces are transformed with this type of remodeling. Although many people are still opposed to this type of design, from our point of view, open concept kitchens have many advantages and are a trend that continues to persist despite the passage of time.

We know that the transition from a classic kitchen to an open plan is not the easiest, so many homeowners hesitate to start with this challenge!

We understand that it is not easy, because it is not about changing furniture or cabinets, but about knocking down walls! and that is sometimes scary. But remember, we are here to make your life easier!

Having a 3D rendering service in these situations will be of great help. You will be able to visualize how that important space in your home will be after the transformation.

And not only that, but also through a 3D render you will be able to see how all the elements that will give life to this new and great space will complement each other.

Now it’s time to share what we consider to be the 3 main advantages of having an open concept kitchen.

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More space

The mere fact of not having walls dividing two or more rooms will make you have more space.

The kitchen will seem larger and will create a feeling of spaciousness, air and freshness. In addition, today many people consider that having an open concept kitchen is a cost-efficient and space-friendly option.

At this point it is very important to define exactly the different areas, either through furniture, such as a good sofa, rugs or other decorative elements.

Here 3D rendering plays a fundamental role, as it will allow you to put everything in its place with accuracy.

Open concept kitchens are ideal for small family houses. They become a great solution for those limited spaces.

You’ll gain space and greater mobility. With the fusion of the living room and kitchen, your house will even look bigger thanks to removing the walls.

More natural light

As you probably know, we love rooms with lots of natural light. And this is one of the factors that makes us enjoy open concept kitchens a lot.

Why more natural light? Because the walls are usually a barrier that prevents illumination from reflecting further into the house.

With a kitchen that opens out onto the living room, that won’t happen and you’ll be able to enjoy much more natural light shared between the two areas.

You’ll also notice the difference in your electricity bill!

This is also another factor that will make your kitchen seem much bigger and brighter.

More interaction and communication

This space will become a great living room for your family. While the chef on duty is cooking, the rest of the members may be doing other tasks in the same environment, such as watching television, homework or playing games.

Even if they do different things, more time is spent as a family and interaction and communication increases.

This also applies to guests. It won’t be necessary for them to wait in another room while dinner is being prepared, with an open-plan kitchen design, you can talk to your guests and cook at the same time.

These were the three “more” of having an open concept kitchen from our point of view.

There will surely be some who find other benefits and others who disagree with any of them, well that’s ok! about tastes there is nothing written!

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