How to visualize your small family home through 3D rendering

How to visualize your small family home through 3D rendering
For a few years now, living in a small family home became a trend. People tend to live in smaller spaces, maximizing and optimizing every corner in very creative ways.

If this is your case or you are thinking of moving to a small house, with your family, your partner, your pets, or just you, here are some tips to help you make the most of every corner of your tiny house.

Small family homes are those that are 1,000 square feet or less, so it is important that the layout and everything included in the home fit almost perfectly with the most efficient use of space.

The best way to visualize the appearance and functionality of your small home is through 3D renderings (it couldn’t be otherwise!).

Through 3D renders you can gather all your ideas and inspiration from other tiny houses and really see what it will be like, thus designing the tiny house of your dreams.

In this way you can check in advance if all the elements you selected and their distribution are correct or if there are dead or poorly used spaces.

Remember that you can also count on other resources, such as a virtual tour, which will allow you to walk through your small family home, to ensure that the movement within it is fluid, that the environments are well distributed and that you also love it!

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Some tips to make the most of our small family home

Here are some tips to achieve that small family home of your dreams:

  • Lots of natural light.
  • Decoration as a way to optimize spaces: avoid excessive clutter, instead look for more functional and convertible furniture. Use rugs to delimit spaces and mirrors to create a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Storage: This may be the trickiest topic in small homes, but there is always a solution or a way to turn it around. Your small house may have conventional storage spaces such as the attic, basement and/or garage.

But if that’s not the case, there is a way to create innovative storage spaces: either under the bed, or under tables with drawers or pull-out cabinets.

  • Open plans: think about creating open spaces creating a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Room dividers are very useful. Today many people create home office spaces using this element. This creates the illusion of a separate room.
  • And last but not least COLOR! We already talked about the importance of choosing the right color scheme. In a small house this becomes crucial!

If you are not sure about making this important move in your life, we hope this information is useful to you.

small family house
small family house

Remember: small does not mean ugly or uncomfortable. It is up to you and your creativity to make the best of every space you live in!

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