3D floor plan renderings and their main benefits

3D floor plan renderings and their main benefits
Do you know what are the advantages that 3D floor plan renderings can give you? If you still don’t know them, here we tell you what their benefits are and how you can use them.

Every time we start a project, we find a lot of possibilities to carry it out. Whether it is a 2d floor plan, 3d floor plan renderings, 3d animation, it is time to make decisions taking into account our time, money and the characteristics of the project.

What are 3D floor plan renderings all about?

Technically we can define a 3D floor plan as a virtual model of a building floor plan, depicted from a birds eye view, utilized within the building industry to better convey architectural plans”. [1]

They provide us with a top section view of a property. It is up to the customer and the professional to include in 3D floor plan renderings only walls and floors with finishes, or also display furniture, decoration and household equipment.

They are very useful for people to picture their furniture and other belongings in their new or remodeled home.

Even without photos or a 3D render, a prospect can easily understand the property’s scale and proportions.

These representations become a factor that generates great satisfaction and contentment to customers, which is why it is a powerful marketing tool.

In this sense, 3D floor plans are used by both real estate developers and architects to promote their work.

Why not 2D floor plans?

Of course we recommend using 2D floor plans as well, in fact you can contact us. We would love to work with you and show you some of our projects we worked with 2D and 3D floor plan renderings.

All the technical information included in 2D is really important for contractors to complete a project: wall specifications, surface measurements, room’s dimensions, and of course, the opening direction and orientation of windows and doors.

It all depends on your needs and also your budget, 2D floor plans could be an excellent way to save costs and time.

3D floor plan renderings are an excellent way to visualize the interior spaces of your project.

Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial, our 3D floor plan services will help bring a new dimension to your architectural projects, whether you’re developing a one-bedroom apartment, a four-bedroom home, a condominium complex, or even the reception area of ​​an office, the layout of a commercial building, or the auditorium of an institution.

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. We are here to bring your projects to life.

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