Virtual Reality benefits and how it works for architects

Virtual Reality benefits and how it works for architects
Virtual reality benefits are countless! and of course the design and architecture industry knew how to take advantage of this ever-improving technology.

As we mentioned in the previous article, today is the time to talk about a technology that has been making noise in the world for about a decade, Virtual Reality (VR).

Yes, you read that right, more than a decade ago. If you have known about it recently, it is probably because before it was only used in very specific niches, such as the gaming world.

As the years went by and people began to appreciate and value everything that could be done through the use of virtual reality, it began to diversify its field of implementation. Its growth and good reputation, brought with it that it is increasingly optimized and more accessible to everyone.

And not surprisingly, the construction and design industry did not miss the opportunity to benefit from Virtual Reality!

What is Virtual Reality?

First of all let me tell you something that summeries what VR is all about: Is AWSOME! The main objective of virtual reality is to activate people’s senses in such a way that they can move to worlds that do not exist.

It’s basically tricking your brain into believing that you are actually in a place or scene that doesn’t exist. Yes, MIND BLOWING.

Without a doubt, the most important characteristic of VR is immersion, through which the objective of VR is achieved.

How is immersion accomplished? There are several elements that must be combined to achieve the expected results. Obviously one of those are 3d visualizations, photorealistic images that look almost real, among other factors that make immersion possible.

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How does Virtual Reality work?

Currently there are not many necessary requirements for you or your clients to experience virtual reality.

To immerse yourself in this environment you need Virtual Reality glasses or helmets, which have lenses that expand the angle of vision creating the sensation of being immersed in that place that does not really exist.

In addition to those helmets or glasses, you need a smartphone or computer with certain technical requirements (nothing crazy).

And when we talk about being accessible to almost everyone, we are not bluffing. You can make your own virtual reality glasses out of a pizza box, not kidding!

If you don’t believe us, visit Google Cardboard, where you will find the instructions on how you can do it at home. You will also find other paid options, you will see that the prices are affordable as well.

Once you’ve got your VR headset or glasses, you will navigate with your head movement. Done!

3D visualization evolution for architects

Virtual reality might be the next step in the evolution of 3D Visualizations (as well as augmented reality, a separate paragraph for it).

Both technologies continue to improve day by day, at the same time that they become more and more accessible and easy to use for everyone.

That is why we would find no reason why architects or designers do not use this tool, it benefits all areas of any project

This new technology is used in the industry to innovate and create content, save money and generate unique customer experiences. It has also become a new way of communicating in the business.

Virtual reality benefits in the construction and design industry are many. Actually all of them are benefits, we can’t really find a negative aspect about it.

The relationship between professional and client has greatly benefited. Imagine the impact you would have on your clients if you could transport them to their future home.

They will be able to get to know it, walk through it, see its finishes, combine colors, make changes, and much more. You involve them in the project in a way never seen before.

Virtual reality is a differentiating element for architecture studios or for real estate agents.


You can keep on researching all the Virtual Reality benefits. The world of education, medicine and tourism (to mention a few) are also revolutionized by this technology.

We leave you this super interesting article so you can stop by and get to know many other virtual reality benefits!

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