5 Reasons why Real Estate Rendering is a must for increasing your sales

5 Reasons why Real Estate Rendering is a must for increasing your sales
The truth is that Real Estate Rendering has been trending for a few years now. So if you are in the industry and still haven’t used this amazing tool to make your business grow, you are getting behind!

We continue showing what are the uses of 3D Rendering. As we already saw, it not only makes sense in the world of architecture and design, but also in the world of advertising and marketing.

We could say that a sub-industry that is highly benefited with this technology is the Real Estate Industry.

There are many pros that can be highlighted, and even more taking into account the context which we live in (pandemic, restrictions, distancing and so on), real estate rendering has become a powerful marketing tool for property promotion.

Today we propose to name the main 5 reasons why using real estate rendering is a MUST.

#1. Appointment free and remote home visits

This is something that exists and many real estate agents use it even before the pandemic, but it surely grew exponentially as a consequence of it.

Now houses can be shown in a virtual way, without having to go to know them personally, or setting an appointment with the realtor, move, invest time, money and more. Giving online real estate tours is one way to connect with clients right now.

These days the real estate industry has the possibility of offering its interested clients to be able to do virtual tours from the comfort of their home, without having to move. Much safer, more comfortable and optimizing resources.

You can also expand your portfolio of prospects, since all your properties are just one click away for anyone to know and visit them!

#2. Render vs. Photography

Talking about optimizing time and money? Well, this is one of the main reasons. We know that time in this industry is tyranny.

So capturing the most optimal images of a property is not just about hiring a professional photographer, there are also a lot of factors that influence that 3D Rendering is definitely an option to consider before the photo.

Achieving the perfect photograph, to show the house with ideal lighting, with a suitable climate, capturing the property from its best angle, is not an easy task.

Many factors must combine for this to happen, and that takes time, sometimes a long time.

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. We are here to bring your projects to life.

#3. Pulling together the ideal staging

This is a huge deal. Sometimes you don’t have the budget to set up the house as you want. Decor and remodeling is very expensive and it also takes time.

In Real Estate Rendering you can Virtual Staging every room of the property that you are selling with everything that you ever dreamed. The best furniture, every wall decor detail, the most comfy and beautiful bedding, i mean, so awesome!

This is a great way to attract clients and also find the right buyer.

#4. La-la-lands

We talked about how real estate agents must sell unfinished properties and vacant land, where in the future there will be a nicely-built, elegant construction.

But until the project is finished, how do they attract interested parties? Well, the answer again is with 3D Rendering.

They can take interested parties to the space and give them a virtual tour through how that space might be transformed.

#5. A variety of presentations

3D Render still gallery: they work basically like a photo gallery, but the differences are basically the ones we mentioned in #2. Optimization of time and money to get practically the same or even better results.

Also you can use other amazing resources like virtual tours, 360º view, and of course, Animation 3D. These interactive tools generate a navigable environment in which your prospects can explore the best version of the property they are interested in.

But this is not all…

As we said, Real Estate Rendering has been a trend for a few years now. But as you are reading this article, new technologies are gaining more and more prominence, and are also increasingly available to everyone: we are talking about virtual reality and augmented reality.

In future editions we will be learning a little about these two technologies that for sure will continue to revolutionize industries such as architecture, design and of course, real estate.

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