Architectural Visualization for pros

Architectural Visualization for pros
Architectural visualization is a trend that is here to stay and to continue to significantly transform many industries and the professional lives of many people.

As we have been telling you, the use of 3D Architectural Visualization is a trend that not only continues over time, but also grows every day for several reasons, including: its uses and applications, the benefits that one receives when working with them and also because of the global context in which we live.

It is not news that many industries have been affected (in a good way) due to the rise of this new technology: real estate, designers, marketing, advertising and of course architecture.

The world of architecture has been significantly transformed by the use of architectural rendering and so have the professionals who are in this world as well.

For many of them adapting was easy and for others more difficult, being more reluctant to integrate this new tool to their daily work.

But everyone will agree with us when we say that once you get to know 3D Rendering and everything you can achieve with them, there is no turning back.

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That’s why we want to highlight #3 main uses that architecture professionals get with the use of Architectural Visualization in their professional lives.

It is very common for many firms to outsource 3D rendering services. Either because they don’t have the expertise to do it, they don’t have the time, or they already have a rendering company with which they feel comfortable working and also trust them.

We invite you to know some of the amazing benefits that rendering brought to the world of architecture!

| 1 | . Customer Relationship

More happy customers: we consider this a win-win relationship! and also one of the most important benefits.

Using architectural visualization has allowed this industry to gain clients in a faster and easier way, enabling professionals to show their profile, style, vision and, as if this were not enough, to show what the final result of their work would be.

Easier to understand projects: why is it easier to attract more customers? because architects have found in 3D Rendering a great ally to express their ideas in such a way that anyone can not only understand it, but also visualize it.

avs mockup

Presentations: thanks to rendering, presentations have been transformed. More powerful, attractive and with a great visual impact. 

They allow the architect to present their concepts to clients in great detail, even to show those constructions that have not yet seen the light of day.

These presentations became a turning point for a person to invest in our project, in a development, etc.

| 2 | . Digital content

Social media: one of the most important aspects of the marketing strategy of brands today is to be present on social media, to be successful you must “exist” in them.

According to each brand and strategy, you will choose which of them to be present in, but regardless of what you choose, you should know that your profile and content must be attractive and of interest to the audience you are targeting.

Today architects and agencies use 3D Visualization to build their profiles on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz.

Many of you may think that having a visually appealing profile was possible before with good quality photographs. Well… that’s a good point, but things are constantly changing and innovating.

The difference is that with rendering, you can choose what angle to show, which lighting is more convenient. Whether we prefer to show it in daylight, or in moonlight. Maybe in the rain, or even with a rainbow in the sky!

All those circumstances that many times we would like to show but that being able to do them or find the right moment takes time and a lot of work.

Not to mention that we can show projects that are not finished or even started in our profiles.

Lots of material!

avs houzz profile

Web: today the website support is a MUST. It is part of our identity and who we are in the digital world, it gives our brand a “formal” existence. Having a website inspires confidence.

Thanks to rendering, architects have the possibility to show their work and their professional profile in a super attractive and interactive way.

Because we must bear in mind that we not only have the static render, but also animations, virtual tours, 360 visits, and many other applications!

Portfolios: and last but not least, portfolios! What we highlight most of the benefits in this area is that architects have the opportunity to show projects for which they surely worked tirelessly and for some reason or other did not materialize.

With rendering, they already have a super complete portfolio, with a lot of content to offer to their future clients and who will surely be a decision maker when hiring them or not.

| 3 | . Cost reduction

Saving: this is a fundamental point. Your client will surely be happy if they know that you saved their money by anticipating possible failures in a project. They will surely choose you again and for sure he will recommend you to their friends.

Fast changes: in architectural rendering you will be able to detect things that you did not see in the floor plans or the models.

Being able to correct them quickly and effectively, (saving expenses as we said before) is something wonderful.

This is just a part of everything you can achieve and do with Architectural Visualization in your professional life.

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