Exterior rendering: much more than a pretty facade

Exterior rendering: much more than a pretty facade
This is a highly effective tool that has the power to generate a strong impact on our customers. You will find here some interesting facts about Exterior Rendering and also some tips that you can’t overlook.
First things first

It never hurts to refresh what we refer to when we talk about 3D Rendering: is an image created on a computer from a three-dimensional model through a special software, which represents objects, such as a house or a building.

The result is a photo so similar to reality that we often get confused and believe that they are images of real objects.

What is exterior rendering? In this case we refer to a type of render that is based mainly on showing the facade of a house, buildings, housing, hotels and any property that the client requests. 

This of course implies showing which materials will be used, the colors, the lighting and everything that the facade involves.

But it not only focuses on that, but also comprehends all the details that are included in the environment in which the centerpiece is displayed: streets, vegetation, buildings or adjacent elements, even cars and people.

Architectural Rendering: 3 benefits you can’t miss!

If you find yourself wanting to invest in the renovation of a space in your home or in the creation of a new one, we will tell you why a rendering service can be of great help.

We can find two types of exterior rendering that are easy to differentiate:

  • Main facade: it is a frontal view of the project, where the roof, windows and walls stand out.
  • Rear facade: it is the back side of the house, where we find the patio, the pool, barbecue space, etc.

Generally, this type of render is used for commercial, marketing, sales and loyalty purposes, since they have the particularity of capturing the customer’s attention easily.

But we must not forget that the exterior rendering is a key element in the project verification as it provides a global vision of the project.

Recreating scenes from real life

No aspect can be left to chance when it comes to exterior rendering, you know why? because any mistake or detail that we overlook results in an unrealistic final piece.

What do we mean by this? That many times it is necessary to intentionally add certain “imperfections” that will give life to our work. A main entrance with some leaves on the ground for example, a car passing by the front of a house and it is blurred, to simulate movement and why not the occasional small crack in the wall.

exterior rendering
commercial 3d rendering

A separate paragraph for the role that lighting plays in this style of architectural rendering.

We will find different sources of natural light, which will simulate the sun if we want to show a rendering in daylight hours, and the moon if we want to do it at night.

Of course we also have artificial light sources, usually luminaires are placed on street poles, at the main entrances or on the ground next to the vegetation.

Also a detail that cannot be passed is the lighting inside the house or building that will be seen in our render through its windows.

All these technicalities, which for many are natural or imperceptible, are what, together with the rest of the render elements, make us get closer and closer to generating the “real life” effect.

farmhouse style exterior
exterior rendering
farmhouse style exterior
exterior rendering
A touch of emotion

It is becoming more and more common in our industry to seek not only to transmit information, but also to provide emotion, evoke feelings and generate impact on people through our work.

Luckily we have the technology to recreate those scenes from real life, which generate meaning in people and generate additional value in all projects.

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. We are here to bring your projects to life.

We can achieve these scenarios with very few elements but paying attention to the smallest details, knowing our clients, their lifestyle and what they like the most.

Here are two very important reminders that you cannot fail to take into account when working on an exterior rendering:

  • No detail is left to chance.
  • The background must not overshadow the centerpiece!

And if you are interested in diving into the world of architectural rendering, we tell you that in AVS we use certain programs to work with, with which we get excellent results: 3ds Max, Lumion and SketchUp mainly. Hope the data is useful to you!

We also invite you to check our profile on Houzz (this super cool social network) where you will find many many of our work.

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