How much does 3D Rendering cost?

How much does 3D Rendering cost?
After reading all the cool facts about 3D Rendering, you are probably wondering how much it would cost to invest in them when the time comes. 
The truth is that its value will depend on several factors and, according to our experience, we want to tell you which ones are the most influential at the time of budgeting the client’s request.

In our previous post we told you about the different types of 3D Renderings you can find out there. Today we will focus on one of them, which is our specialty, Architectural Rendering.

According to our experience, we will try to answer a question you are probably asking yourself, how much does a 3D Rendering cost?

We know that this service is very useful not only for homeowners who are in the process of remodeling or building their home, but also for professionals such as architects and designers. It becomes an almost essential tool when making a sale and consolidating the relationship with the client.

That is why we think it is important for all interested parties to know that the price of a 3D Rendering service can change for several reasons.

Clearly one of them will be the company or professional you choose to outsource this service with. But beyond that, the vast majority of firms are guided by the same factors when pricing the service you are requesting.

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M2 / Magnitude of the project

As a first step, the professional will ask you for the Project File or Brief, where all the requests to the company and the details of the project are listed.

The price will mainly depend on the magnitude of the project, that is why, it is not the same to do a 3D Rendering job for a Residential Project than for a Real Estate development of towers with stores, parking and many apartments for example.

In single family jobs, we generally base our work on the M2 of the house and according to that, we send the calculated budget to the customer.

commercial 3d rendering

Exterior Rendering

In this case it will depend if we are talking about a front or rear render.

Usually the rear renders have more details to which the professionals must pay attention, for example:

  • if it has a swimming pool
  • if it has a deck
  • if it has outdoor furniture
  • a barbecue, etc

One thing we all agree on is that everything will depend on the client’s requirements and the amount of details that need to be included in the final product.

Interior Rendering

In these particular situations we find two factors that influence the final cost of the Interior Design Renderings:

  • Room Style: why will this affect the cost of the rendering? because in these scenarios we find styles that are more simple and therefore take less time and development to the work team. One of these cases would be those rooms of minimalist or Scandinavian style for example.
  • Furnishing Elements: here it will depend not only on the amount of elements in the room, but also on what elements the client selects. It will depend on standard furniture that comes out of the company’s library or if it is custom furniture provided by the client and the company has to model it.

In some circumstances the deadline issue can also influence the final fee for the service. Many times, if the work has to be done in a short time, the people involved in the team will be more, and that is reflected in the budget.

Remember that the more detailed and clear the brief you give to the Rendering Company, the greater the cost savings in terms of time and development by the professionals.

From AVS we have sets where we offer exterior and interior renderings at a promotional price.

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. We are here to bring your projects to life.

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