3D rendering: 5 uses you may not have known about

3D rendering: 5 uses you may not have known about
We continue discovering new aspects and benefits of what we are so passionate about: 3D Rendering. Its uses and applications in different industries are unthinkable! We invite you to learn about 5 uses of 3D Rendering that you may not know yet!

3D Rendering Services are available to everyone, are not too expensive and can be applied in different projects regardless of their magnitude.

This time we want you to discover not only its uses and applications in the world of architecture and design, but also in other areas such as marketing and advertising.

Architectural Rendering

We start with the most known or familiar use of 3D Rendering. 

As we told you in the post “Architectural Rendering: 3 benefits you can’t miss!”, what we love the most about renderings is that its purpose is to turn an idea or a project that is in our head and does not yet exist, into an illustration or photograph as if it were real.

We also mention 3 of the most important benefits that this service gives us when we are building or remodeling our house for example:

#1. Save money.

#2. Provides us with a highly realistic vision of what we want to do at home.

#3. Allows us to have an active participation in the design process.

We can spend hours talking about Architectural Rendering, but we invite you to read our post, so we can move on to the 4 remaining uses!

farmhouse style rendering

Interior Rendering

We could say that it is the second use for which 3D Renderings are known.

Interior Rendering is used to recreate environments and decorations, combining colors and materials to achieve the most appropriate style for each home. Not only that, but it also allows us to test the space in terms of distribution, lighting or furniture placement.

“Interior Design Renderings: Are they worth it?”: In this post you can also learn more about this use of 3D Rendering.

interior design rendering
interior design rendering

3D and 2D Floor Plans

First of all we will tell you briefly what a floor plan is: they are diagrams that represent the relationship between the different spaces and their characteristics, seen from above.

They are used to corroborate if the spaces are distributed in a correct way so that they can fulfill their function.

They can be applied to a room, a house, a building or for commercial spaces, such as a fair, through them we can ensure the fluent circulation of the attendees according to how we distribute the stands.

3d floor plan
3d floor plan

Product Rendering

This is a high demand service in the world of marketing and advertising, due to several reasons. Product Rendering has many benefits and can be used in countless ways.

Product Rendering is used both to establish to the design and production team what the end goal of their work has to be and is also used when the product does not physically exist but we need to show it to a customer. 

The use of Product Renderings will help us to create an impact of the product with the consumer and generate emotions with the brand – product.

Like all Rendering, its ultimate goal is to achieve a realistic looking final representation of a product. It is low cost and its production time is not high.

From AVS we have sets where we offer exterior and interior renderings at a promotional price.

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. We are here to bring your projects to life.

3D Animations

This 3D Rendering revolutionized several industries, but mainly one: Real Estate. It’s an innovative way to show the ideas and to make the customer live a more complete and closer to reality sensory experience.

These 3D Animations are integrated into a video, which are generally used for real estate promotions or developments.

These are just a few of the countless uses and applications of 3D Rendering. It is a service increasingly requested in different industries and as time goes by it is becoming more and more known all the benefits and scope it has.

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