House Remodeling: 3 helpful tips to consider before starting

House Remodeling: 3 helpful tips to consider before starting
You probably got here because you are about to start (or have already started) your house remodeling process. Today we will give you 3 tips that will help you organize and clarify your ideas on a path that, although with a satisfactory ending, has a long way to go…
So it begins…

Many house remodeling processes usually happen for two reasons:

  • It is something we have been planning and wanting to do for a long time,
  • or it comes as a consequence of another event that happens in our home, for example: we have to change the bathtub because a pipe has broken… and if we remodel the whole bathroom? and while we are at it, the kitchen too? You know what I’m talking about right?

Calm down my friend!!! Don’t go crazy trying to make your house beautiful, it has happened to all of us (or it will happen to most of us) that organizing all the ideas to remodel our house becomes very difficult. 

There are many reasons why this happens: we do not know whether to do too much or too little, we are afraid of “breaking our house”, the budget, not being able to decide on a style and decoration, and countless other reasons.

Where to start?

Here are 3 super simple but super important TIPS that you should keep in mind when facing this job:

#. Clarify your ideas

#2. Syle and Deco

#3. Dream Team

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 #1. Clarify your ideas

Clarify your ideas and be aware of the consequences of those that you decide to execute.

We have to be clear about the spaces where we are going to work and what we want to do in them. What we want to do is doable? Do I have the budget and time to do it?

If we take the bathroom remodeling as an example, there are two possible scenarios:

  • We want to change the bathtub for a new one in a different style: let’s go for it! let’s buy a bathtub that meets our expectations and fits in the place we already have.
  • We want a new bathtub and we also want to place it somewhere different in the bathroom: go for it too! but before buying the bathtub, let’s check if the pipes and drains can be moved, or if it is not necessary, or if we have to break the whole floor, etc, etc, etc…

We believe that this is the most important TIP, not in vain is the first advice we give you. Everything that will come in this process will depend on it (time, costs, investment, also headaches).

#2. Style and Deco

A lot will depend on the budget you have assigned to your project and the size of it.

You have to be very aware of what are or will be the characteristics of the spaces and according to that choose what style and decor will suit them best.

Look for inspiration! today we have everything in a super accessible way. Do your research on the internet, in apps and look for useful tips in blogs like this one. Remember that a place where you will find not only inspiration but also professionals that can help you is HOUZZ.

Remember! If you don’t have a big budget, rearranging your furniture is often an excellent option to give a new face to your room. Also a small investment, as in rugs or plants, could change the whole concept of a space in your house. 

#3. Dream Team

Yes, we know that DIY is all the rage today, but we must know how far our skills go.

Once we are clear about what we want to do, we will know how to identify what we can do ourselves and what is better done by a professional.

Remember, it is not bad to ask for help, and if your fear is the budget, as we have been telling you, cheap is expensive. Do your research and hire professionals that fit your budget and can do what you want.

If the remodeling you want to do in your house is a large-scale project, it is a good idea to have a rendering company to help you, not only with the floor plans, but also to visualize the result of the project before executing it. We invite you to read our post “Architectural Rendering: 3 benefits you can’t miss!” to know the benefits of investing in this service.

We know that it is not an easy process, but it is up to you to make sure that it does not turn into a nightmare. 

We are sure that if you follow the advice we gave you, there is a good chance that you will enjoy remodeling your house!

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