Rendering Company: How to choose the best one for my project?

Rendering Company: How to choose the best one for my project?
If you have come this far, you are probably looking for a Rendering Company to help you make your project come true. We will give you some tips for you to make the right choice and make your design a great success!

We know that making the decision to hire a Rendering Company is an important moment. Once we decide to invest in it, it’s time to make another equally important decision: which company or professional to hire?

When doing your research you will find different options: freelancers, small, medium and mega studios (many times they are out of our reach).
The important thing is that you find the group of professionals who give you the confidence to entrust your project to them.

How to choose?

This is a key moment! As we told you before, hiring the right professional will have a direct impact on the development and final product of your project.
Here are some TIPS that you should keep in mind when choosing the Rendering Company who will help you make the project of your dreams come true:

  • Characteristics of your plan: based on this, determine if what you need is a service provided by the Studio you have in mind.
  • Time you have to do it: the more professionals the companie has, the more resources to do and deliver the job. It all depends on whether you are in a rush or not.
  • Your budget: keep in mind that cheap is often expensive. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more to get better results.
  • Reputation: make sure you check their portfolios, if they guarantee their work and also read the reviews and comments of the clients who worked with them. This will give you a hint of the quality of their work!

Keep in mind something very important: it will be necessary to work with a team that keeps an open and fluid communication with you, with whom you can contact easily and who are flexible, the success of your project will depend on this too!

From AVS we have sets where we offer exterior and interior renderings at a promotional price.

Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. We are here to bring your projects to life.

Hello! We are AVS!

We would like you to know how an Rendering Company works, so what better than to tell you how we work!

AVS Renderings was born more than 10 years ago, and today we are a beautiful team of more than 40 highly skilled Architects and 3d artists. 

AVS renderings has developed digital illustrations and 3D Animations for Homeowners, Architects, Designers, Home Builders, and Real Estate agencies long wide in the US.
We want you to experience the final result of our work, so we’ll give you a quick tour through some of them. Remember that in our HOUZZ profile you can find complete projects!

AVS Renderings is 100% committed to understanding and solving customer needs. Our custom support and flexibility is what differentiates our company from other rendering companies. We offer fast and affordable architectural renderings and animations.

This is how simple our Workflow is

Our workflow is very easy and is based on the following 4 steps. Our goal is to make it simple for our clients and not to turn it into another complicated job. First of all you must contact us, either by phone, mail or directly HERE, and then, the following happens:

#1. Initial 3D model generation

We’ll create a 3D model of your project based on your drawing files. Once the model is completed, we’ll provide you with preliminary black and white images to get a first impression of how the project will look like from different viewpoints.

#2. Exterior finishes and landscape

We correct the model, taking extra care of the details included in the feedback. Also we’ll start adding colors, materials, lighting and some landscaping to the rendering.

#3. Finishes and post production

When you are completely satisfied with the two previous steps, we carry on with the process. We include all accessories and decoration creating the final review. Once the phase 3 has been approved, we deliver the final rendering in a crisp high resolution media and we finish with the process.

Now you know, if you consider the TIPS we shared today, your process of selecting and choosing the best Rendering Company will be much easier and successful. Is an important process, so don’t underestimate its importance and don’t let anxiety get the better of you.

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